Help Via Our Donation Jars at Events Around Town

Help Via Our Donation Jars at Events Around Town:

The list below shows some of the many events where OSFB interacts with the community. You are welcome to drop off money or a food donation with us at any or all of these events.

Ocean Shore Events:

Here are some of the community events where volunteers will typically interact with the public:

  • Feb – Antique & Collectibles Show
  • Mar – Beachcomber Fun Fair
  • Mar – OS Razor Clam Festival
  • Apr – Annual Special Event <click here for Special Event Information>
  • May – North Beach Singers Spring Concert
  • Jun – OS Flag Day Parade
  • Jun – AAOS Fine Art, 3D & Photography Show
  • Jun – Sand & Sawdust Festival
  • Aug – Ocean Shores Woof-A-Thon
  • Aug – AAOS Arts and Crafts Show
  • Aug – Oyhut Paddle Event
  • Oct – IGA Table
  • Oct – Halloween at the Convention Center
  • Nov – ACE Ladies Night
  • Nov – North Beach Singers Christmas Concert
  • Nov – Winter Fanta-Sea

Donation Jars around Town:

There are cash donation jars at several of the  local businesses around town.  Feel free to make a donation in one of the jars at:

  • Anchor Thrift Store
  • Elk Head
  • Martin Bruni Liquor Store

If you have any questions about where to donate, please feel free to contact us at:

Our Challenge:

Our Vision & Mission:

Vision: Everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food …
Mission: So no one in our community goes hungry.

The vision and mission define OSFB goals. Until those goals are reached, your financial donations will help make Ocean Shores a better place to live for all its citizens.


The Ocean Shores Food Bank is an IRS 501(c)(3) not for profit charity and has also been designated a charitable corporation in the state of Washington. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.