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Help Us Raise the Roof on Ocean Shores New Food Bank

Since 2013 the “Ocean Shores Food Bank” (a 501(c)3, non-profit organization) has experienced tremendous growth in those we serve but not in facility we serve from:

  • We served 3,823 households in 2014, over 4,553 in 2016, and now serve 5,094 households!
  • We provided 188,042 pounds of food in 2014, over 192,925 in 2016, and now 227,998 pounds!
  • Volunteers worked 5,710 hours in 2014, over 7,900 in 2016, and now work 10,852 hours!

All while remaining in our original X,XXX square foot leased space alongside the Anchor Thrift Store.

Our current location is “space challenged” in both food storage and distribution flow.  Our growth has significantly strained the current facility in many ways.  We find it difficult to move and store all the delivered fresh and frozen food because our distribution and storage areas are so limited.  Utilities for refrigerators and freezers are totally maxed out.  And due to our building size, food distribution requires guests to maneuver six narrow switchbacks and then to continue their shopping outside.  The closest legal parking area for guests and volunteers is almost a quarter mile from the building.  We suffer the lack of adequate toilet facility and creature comforts for both guests and volunteers.  While we have a covered enclosure for guests while they wait it can only hold twenty people.  So, during our rainy distribution days, mud is often tracked into the building by our cold wet guests and volunteers.

Three key factors led to the decision to build a new facility:

  1. The current warehouse / distribution capacity and limitations
  2. More care for our guests and stringent food safety regulations
  3. Sustainability at our new location for the next 20 years

And you can help us raise the new roof by donating to our building fund raising drive below:

Thank you for your support – Here’s what your donation will provide:

A new building, with more space and functionality, and new ways of reaching people to feed our hungry neighbors on the North Coast.

After two years of research and planning, we launched a $X00,000 capital campaign to build a new, larger facility that will expand our ability to safely store and provide food to those experiencing hunger. The new XX,000-square-foot facility will feature modern loading docks, freezer and food storage space to ensure food safety.  We will have class rooms to teach guests how to prepare nutritious meals and a garden to grow fresh vegetables.  The new site will provide plentiful of covered waiting area and parking with easy access by public transportation.

The increased storage will not only engage more volunteers but also allow the OSFB to accept larger numbers of fresh, nutritious, and perishable food. Such food donations are time sensitive – perishable – and require the OSFB to have greater physical capacity. The new volunteer center will also allow XXX million more pounds of donated food to be accepted and processed annually.

If you have any questions about donating to us please email us (and we will get back to you) at: