KNOW SOMEONE WHO NEEDS FOOD? – Please Share – OSFB’s Compassion/Safety

Ocean Shores Food Bank is open:
— Please share with anyone who needs food —

The first distribution since the coronavirus attack closed schools and businesses found the OSFB serving a record 203 households, 23 of which had never visited the food bank before.  All while increasing both the volunteers’ and guests’ safety to fulfill our mission of providing food, “so that no one in our community goes hungry!”

OSFB realized the need to protect both our guests and volunteers from the spread of coronavirus.  Our “grocery store” style distribution where guests “shop” for their food put both volunteers and guests in an unsafe environment.

So, we changed to “drive-up” food distribution where guests stay in their cars while volunteers delivered pre-bagged food directly to their car trunks.  This afforded the greatest degree of safety for both volunteers and guests.

While we and our clients prefer the pre-virus “grocery store” style shopping, the pre-packed food bags distributed to clients’ cars required half the normal number of volunteers to serve nearly 30% more households, thus minimizing the potential spread of coronavirus.

Guests praised OSFB with teary-smiles and “I wasn’t sure you were going to be open and we really need the food,” to thumbs-up and many, many folks telling us “thank you for figuring this out.”

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Please share this post with your friends and neighbors so that no one in our community goes hungry!

Emergency food is available at the food bank at the following times:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 4 pm-6 pm

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – 10 am – noon.


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