New Food Distribution Procedures


The Ocean Shores Food Bank will be open the 1st and 3rd Thursday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for food distribution.  Our new “drive-up” procedures are designed to make sure both guests and volunteers remain safe and healthy. The thrift store will be closed and there will be no parking and no restrooms available.  So please plan accordingly.


Here are how the new “drive-up” procedures will work.  You will need to stay in your car (those without cars will be assisted separately).  You will need to get your car in line starting at the Anchor Avenue Thrift Store Entrance going down (south on) Anchor Avenue towards the water tower.  At the entrance gate you will be met by an OSFB volunteer who will ask the number of people in your household and place the appropriate colored tag on your windshield.   As you continue in line another volunteer will check you in.   When you arrive at the end of the line, a volunteer will load the appropriate number of pre-bagged groceries (canned food, frozen items, eggs, bread, and produce) in your car for your family size.  Once the food is loaded, you can leave the parking lot via the current exit and turn right to go down Anchor Avenue to Ocean Shore Boulevard.  Also, as usual CSFP boxes will be distributed on the 3rd Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted on CSFP schedule.


Walk-ups including bus riders will be met in a designated area inside the gate, while maintaining the appropriate distance.   You will be given bags of food. No wagon or other transportation help will be provided. So please plan accordingly.


We shall use these distribution procedures until further notice.  Our job is to make sure that “no one in our community goes hungry.”  Thank you for your patience.


Emergency food is available at the food bank at the following times:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 4 pm-6 pm

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – 10 am – noon.

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