Pennies From Heaven (via ACE Customers)

Would you like to round your purchase up today and donate it to the Ocean Shores Food Bank?  Doesn’t sound like much ($0.99 cents or less) but a month later, ACE Hardware gave the OSFB a check for $4,582.72.  That is a lot of pennies and a lot of needed food OSFB can buy to help feed the hungry in our community.

Bill Young, president of OSFB, accepted the check from Stephen Buck and the wonderful ACE Hardware crew recently.

Before the photo, Bill talked to the employees about the “round-up” program.  They said most people took it in stride, but some were a little more adamant giving the staff pause.  “No, I don’t want to round up, one said, I want to donate $20 and the change!”  The resourceful ACE crew figured out how to add the $20 to the round-up.  “We are so very happy to have the generous support of the local community,” Bill said, “Not only does the Ocean Shores Food Bank want to thank ACE Hardware for a successful donation drive but we want to thank all the ACE customers who gave a little or a lot.”

Our community is blessed by so many pennies (and dollars too) this winter.  And the next time you visit ACE Hardware, thank the crew that made it possible.  Thank you!


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