Real Hunger Is Scary

There are many among us who give up food and go hungry so they can make ends meet.  They don’t wear Freddy Krueger masks, but the pain of hunger can be just as scary to them because it is real.  They look like you and me, but they worry where their next meal will come from.

The Ocean Shores Food Bank is proud to be part of the Halloween trick or treat event for all our young people.    And while we enjoy sharing some joy, smiles, and yes, a boo or two with the community, we can’t help but remember that hunger is real and scary.  Please remember our neighbors this fall with a donation of food or money.

On a scary (and yet serious) note, our Food Bank executive director, Sandy Harley, was heard to say “It seems odd for the food bank to pass out candy when we work so hard to provide nutritional foods for our guests, but the smiles on the kids’ (and parents’) faces tell us we are not only making a food difference but a social difference in the lives of the community we serve.”

You too can help our many friends and neighbors in need. It’s easy, just click on the links below to donate or sign-up for our newsletter.

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