The Need In Ocean Shores: A look at the level of hunger in North Beach

Families around you are struggling with hunger.

  • 1 in 9 Washingtonians (more in Grays Harbor) struggle to put food on their tables everyday
  • 1 in 6 Washington children (more in the North Beach School district) don’t know when they will next eat
  • Rural communities (like North Beach) struggle with hunger at disproportionately higher rates than metropolitan areas

The need is even greater in Grays Harbor County:

  • The percent of households with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits is significantly higher (22%) than across all of Washington (17%).
  • Another sign of the local need: in Grays Harbor County, the monthly income needed for self-sufficiency is $4,290; however, two full-time minimum wage earners earn only a total of $3,987.

The evidence in North Beach/Ocean Shores is clear.

Many of our North Beach/Ocean Shores neighbors are forced to choose between paying bills and buying food.  It makes no difference whether it’s a senior living on a fixed income that doesn’t stretch far enough or a hardworking mom or dad living paycheck to paycheck. Hunger hurts and hurts those most vulnerable (seniors and children) the most.

We believe everyone should have the nutritious food they need to stay healthy.  But every missed meal damage’s health and increases feelings of distress.

Liz’s story is not uncommon.

Liz, an Ocean Shores food bank guest, recently told us that she gets food assistance thanks to SNAP and our food bank, but her household runs out of food almost monthly.  The stress is taking a toll on her health.


Yet, people like you can be part of the solution.  Please consider volunteering either time <click for volunteer opportunities> or money <click to Donate> to help neighbors and families like Liz get the nutritious food they need.

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